jazz balance save code in 2023


in this post, we will tell you about the Jazz balance save code service. I have mentioned two methods to solve your problem. One is paid and one is free. I hope this helps you.

there are 2 ways to save the balance in jazz sim

1-By dialing code

2- Doosra balance Save service

1-Jazz balance save while using the internet

In this service, the customer can use the internet in case of having a package. otherwise, his balance will not be cut. the customer can activate this service by dialing the *275# code on his mobile phone. you will receive a confirmation of activation of service.

jazz balance save code

how to unsubscribe

You can unsubscribe from this service by dialing *275*4#.

2-jazz doosra balance save service

Here is a second method that can also save your balance. this service is also known as doosra balance save. In this service, the balance will be locked. Jazz Doosra Balance is actually a virtual account where you can put your balance and use it when you really need it. but this service is not free you need to pay tax for this service. user can simply dial *869# to activate this service.

jazz balance save code

how to unsubscribe

if you want to unsubscribe you need to dial simply *869*3# from your mobile. jazz doosra balance service will be unsubscribed from your sim.

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what my balance will be cut by using the internet?

if you will activate the jazz balance save service by *275# code. then you can use the internet in case of the internet package only. your balance will be not used or cut by itself.

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